Psychological aid

Psychological aid consists of several or a dozen of meetings with a psychologist or a psychotherapist devoted to various difficulties in the life of the client, dilemmas related to a specific issue, solving current problems or supporting the client in a crisis situation. Focusing on a specific issue and limitation of duration in time are characteristic for psychological aid.

This form of psychological help turns out to be sufficient for many clients to move on. Sometimes it also leads the client to a decision to deepen his or her work as part of psychotherapy or couple therapy.

Our specialists

In our office in Ursynów district, Warsaw, the following specialists provide psychological aid:

ewa kaczorkiewicz psycholog

Ewa Kaczorkiewicz

I am a psychologist and psychotherapist.

I work with adults and with couples. I work also in English.

535 987 807

marta chydzinska psychoterapeutka

Marta Chydzińska

I am a psychologist, psychotherapist and development trainer.

I provide therapy for adults and adolescents within the Gestalt approach. I also conduct development workshops.

507 506 766

Maria Dobraczyńska

I am a psychologist, animator and psychotherapist.

I provide individual and group therapy. I work with adults, adolescents and children.

791 925 621

anna kabulska psychoterapeutka

Anna Kabulska

I am a certified psychotherapist.

I provide individual psychotherapy for adults, also in English.

660 014 585

Joanna Marszalska

I am a business psychologist.

I support clients in dealing with stress, risk and change. I work with adults.

606 331 800

barbara slawik dyplomowany trener

Barbara Sławik

I am a psychotherapist and certified trainer.

I provide individual therapy, couple and family therapy, also in English.

733 641 321

krzysztof wiecek trenerem umiejetnosci miekkich

Krzysztof Więcek

I am a soft skills trainer, coach and personal and relationship counsellor.

I work with individual clients, with couples and with groups.

690 123 815

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