When to consult a psychologist? Practical hints.

When we are down with fever, we know exactly how to act in those situations or whom to consult. But when we suffer from within we hardly think of seeking help and tend to repress those emotions. Our brains work in mysterious ways and we shouldn’t assume even for once that our problems will fade away with time. Seeking professional help is important and knowing when to seek help is equally a prudent topic that is less talked about.

We all go through some major ups and downs in life. Occasional stresses, anxiousness, grief, heartbreaks are normal that does not necessarily mean we need Psychological help. We usually bounce back from those situations organically. But what do we do in situations where it becomes difficult for us to perform our regular duties efficiently due to the sudden death of a loved one? When we lose interest in something which used to give us pleasure? When we feel alone even when we have company? When we lose our first love?

Let’s gain an understanding of few grounds on when to consult a Psychologist.

  • A persistent and uncontrollable feeling of excessive worrying, fear, anger, sadness, irritability, tension
  • Uncalled meltdowns or mood swings
  • Indecisiveness, confusion, memory loss
  • Difficulty sleeping, restlessness, fatigue, oversleeping
  • Concentration issues and procrastination
  • Drug abuse, substance abuse, addiction
  • Dramatic weight gain or weight loss
  • Suicidal thoughts or thoughts of injuring/harming others*
  • An inexplicable physiological condition such as hypertension, chest pain, shortness of breath, sweating, increased heart palpitations, trembling and so on.
  • Unexplained poor performance at work, school, home
  • Sudden changes in behavior patterns such as talking too much or too little, eating habits.
  • Conflict in marriage, family or relationships
  • Persistent lying, stealing, disregarding authorities, impulsive behavior etc.

*Please call 112 or your nearest local hospital in case you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts or tendencies towards harmful behaviors.

These are few examples but not the least as to when you can consult a psychologist. There can be innumerable reasons for the same so do not be afraid or ashamed to seek help. As rightly quoted by Confucius “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” So let’s help each other rise and normalize seeking help.

Anuradha Roy

An MA clinical psychology student

and an intern at Psycholodzy Cynamonowa

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