Nutrition psychology

Excess weight and obesity are the scourge of contemporary world. More and more people suffer from their consequences, such as cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders or higher risk of cancer. We also suffer from psychological problems related to weight: low self-esteem, anxiety during social occasions or difficulties in building close relationships. We usually realise that proper weight is more than an aesthetic issue, it is a key element of caring for health, but we still cannot find effective ways to achieve the proper weight. Dealing with the problem of growing weight on one’s own is usually not effective. For that reason, it is advisable to use the unique mixture of knowledge and experience of two disciplines – nutrition science and psychology – that are combined into nutrition psychology.

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A nutrition psychologist not only focuses on nutrition education and preparing well balanced dietary plan most suitable for us, but also using psychological and nutritional knowledge combined will:

together with us examine food products that we use, analyse the ingredients, size of meals and asses how they are suited to our physical activity and energy demand

support us in seeking the cause of eating-related difficulties (it may involve emotions, beliefs, self-esteem problems, motivation, family patterns, etc.)

together with the client prepare a feasible goal of the work and acceptable nutrition plan

in the process of introducing change help overcome problems related to emotions, automatisms and signals received form the body and the mind

help build or reinforce the client’s psychosocial skills

work with the client on methods of managing stress, raising their motivation, creating constructive beliefs and perceptions related to the client’s own body

Alina Olczak is the specialist who supports the clients of the Psycholodzy Cynamonowa Center in the area related to proper nutrition, diets, effective change of patterns and motivation.

Alina Olczak works with adults, couples, groups of friends, families and with parents and their children (above the age of 12). A unique combination of knowledge and experience of the two fields, which a nutrition psychologist presents, allows to provide psychological and dietary support to persons requiring specialist nutrition guidelines resulting from diseases, specific lifestyle or intensive physical activity. Call to schedule an appointment.

Alina Olczak

I am a certified psychologist and a nutrition specialist.

I support my clients in regaining good shape. I work with adults and adolescents.

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