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I am a therapist and a breathwork coach




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    I am a therapist, a professional practitioner, a Transmodal Breathwork coach and a Holotropic Breathwork facilitator.

    I provide support for people that wish to work advertently on their life and inner self, both resulting from various difficulties and seeking personal development.

    I combine a variety of approaches in my work: classical psychology, various personal development methods, work with the body, breathwork, and transpersonal psychology.

    In my therapeutic work, I especially focus on:

    • empathy and live contact with another person
    • work with stream of thoughts and emotions
    • seeking deeper causes for problems when needed
    • utilising simple solutions when possible
    • integration of various aspects of oneself
    • extending one’s awareness and seeking “the truth”
    • deepening of contact with oneself
    • work with breathing

    I am also a breathwork coach, which means that I can help you utilise your breath to work on your own and teach you various techniques useful in everyday life that will help you:

    • switch from tension to relax
    • to energise yourself when needed
    • reconnect with your centre and strike the balance
    • make better decisions
    • better control your behaviours
    • love and accept yourself more
    • better manage your emotions

    We can work:

    • ad hoc when you need it
    • establishing a series of meetings devoted to a specific topic or situation in your life
    • establishing a regular work scheme and a longer process

    You may contact me for consultations if you do not know yet what you need.
    I work also online and with children and adolescents from 12 years of age.

    I have developed my professional knowledge and skills during graduate psychological studies and a Process-Oriented Psychology course. I have also completed two intensive multi-annual courses: Transmodal Breathwork at Michał Godlewski Breathing Institute (in Thailand and in Poland) and Holotropic Breathwork in Grof Transpersonal Training. At the same time, during a variety of workshops and trainings, I have learned various methods of working with body, voice and mind. I co-run workshops in Poland and abroad. For the last two years, I have practised intensively the Creation Process meditational method.

    Outside of work, I am a nature, music and singing lover.

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