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I am a medical doctor and a psychiatrist in training




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    I am a resident doctor in the process of specialist psychiatry training at the Mazowieckie Specjalistyczne Centrum Zdrowia in Pruszków.

    In 2020, I have graduated from the medical faculty at the Medical University of Warsaw. I have completed post-graduate training at the Centralny Szpital Kliniczny WUM in Warsaw.

    I expand my knowledge on a constant basis by attending trainings and scientific conferences. I am always keen to gain professional experience both during outpatient and hospital work.

    While working with my patients, I pay a lot of attention to nuances and vulnerabilities. I realise that attending an appointment with a psychiatrist, especially the first one, may be a major challenge, and I am committed to be empathetic, understanding, and open to my patients. I apply a holistic approach towards their health and medicine in general, and I am focused on their goals and needs.

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