Psychological and business consulting

Our team consists of various discipline professionals with many years of experience in working with local and international companies.

Applying their experience, skills and psychological knowledge, they support our Clients in difficult professional moments, perfectly understanding the environment and everyday business life.

After an initial consultation and an overview of the Client’s situation and problems, the number of meetings together with the area and purpose of the joint work sessions are agreed according to the needs.

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We offer psychological and business consultations to Clients experiencing work life challenges and crises, such as:

changing a professional role

team management

conflicts at work

emotions associated with changes

excessive stress

excessive burden of responsibility

professional burnout

job loss

looking for a new job

Job change

In today’s changing business environment, changing jobs is a common practice. This happens both at the employee’s choice and for reasons on the employer’s part. Both the loss of a job and the difficulty of making one’s own decision to change it are stressful and highly emotional situations.

In our work, we explain to Clients the mechanisms involved in transitions and emotions during changes, and help them prepare for job searches and recruitment interviews.


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Our specialists

At the Psycholodzy Cynamonowa Centre support in personal development is provided by:

Marzena Bielicka-Stąsiek

I am a psychologist and a psychotherapist.

I support adults and adolescents in coping with crises and difficulties in life. I also provide psychology and business consultations.


Agata Mamczur

I am a therapist and breathwork coach.

I provide support in various difficulties in life and in personal development.

Alina Olczak

I am a certified psychologist and a nutrition specialist.

I support my clients in regaining good shape. I work with adults and adolescents.

Joanna Marszalska

I am a psychologist and a business practitioner.

I support clients in dealing with stress, risk and change. I work with adults, adolescents and couples.

Marta Królak

I am a Gestalt psychotherapist.

I offer individual psychotherapy sessions in Polish and English.

Anna Kobierska

I am a psychologist and a psychotherapist.

I support adults in life and psychological crises (stress, burnout, anxiety, depression). I work also in English. I work with women in the perinatal period.

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