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A certified psychiatrist is a specialist that diagnoses and treats various mental disorders, wether of mild and severe course. Consulting with a psychiatrist may be helpful when:

the client attends individual psychotherapy or psychological consultations, but the sessions with a psychologist or psychotherapist are not sufficient (additional pharmacotherapy – drug treatment – is needed for the client to benefit from therapy)

a patient is not able to function (take care of children, perform professional duties, attend school or university, manage daily issues) due to mental problems. Psychiatrist’s aid may cover adjusting drug treatment, issuing medical leave or a certificate required by a school

mental state of the patient is so severe that it endangers the life or safety of the patient and its loved ones (eg. suicidal thoughts and acts, uncontrolled aggression). In such cases in addition to drug treatment a hospital referral may be issued

A certified psychiatrist, unlike a psychologist and psychotherapist, is entitled to prescribe drugs (including reimbursed drugs), issue medical certifications and medical leave (ZUS ZLA). Psychiatric consultations at the Psycholodzy Cynamonowa Center are provided by certified psychiatrist for adults Monika Dominiak MD, PhD. When needed, a psychiatrist and other specialists, including a psychologist, a psychotherapist or a nutrition specialist, cooperate to provide the best, most effective and comprehensive care for the client. For this reason it may happen that a psychiatrist recommends their patients to enter into psychotherapy or a psychotherapist conducting individual therapy proposes their clients consultation with a psychiatrist. If you suffer for any reason, find it difficult to function and feel that you could benefit from a psychiatrist’s support or you have doubts regarding your state of being or mental state that you would like to discuss with a specialist, call us to schedule an appointment.

Our Specialists

monika dominiak psychiatra

Monika Dominiak, MD, PhD

I am a doctor, specialist in psychiatry.

I help adults suffering from depression, neuroses and personality disorders.

Piotr Maleszka, MD

I am a medical doctor and a psychiatrist in training.

I provide psychiatric consultations and treatment in Polish and English. I work with adult patients.

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