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    I am a psychologist. For more than 20 years I have provided professional support to individuals in conscious development and building relationships with their environment. I am especially involved, both professionally and privately, in accompanying other people in expressing their emotions, recognising their talents, values, needs, shaping their attitudes and supporting them in everyday life and going through change.

    Benefitting from my years-long experience in managerial positions both in multinational corporations and local businesses, I can effectively support individuals struggling with professional challenges. During individual therapy sessions in my office, I can accompany my clients with full understanding in adapting to change, solving their dilemmas, and facing difficulties and challenges.

    In my work, I meet many people who build companies and teams and try to find balance between their professional and private lives. They demonstrate that they are happy with the success of their own or their loved ones, but at the same time they feel overwhelmed with changes, struggle with stress, guilt, lack of energy or psychological or physical challenges.

    I realise the importance of receiving support, being heard out and understood, or simply receiving attention and time from another person in a moment of difficulty.

    Focusing on other people, building relationships, attentive listening, supporting the growth of others and helping them out are my in-born features and talents, enhanced by my life experience and psychological tools. They make accompanying others and focusing on them easy and natural.

    I also take part in mentoring, experience and knowledge sharing, or offering my time to discover together development paths and directions at various life stages. I understand mentoring as walking together through mountain trails. Some are well known, but you can still discover something new. Two people walk together, but each of them puts individual effort and travels on his or her own. Psychological support is also a kind of walking together, with the focus on the client and his or her current situation.

    I use psychoneuroimmunology knowledge about inter-relating of emotional life with the nervous and immunological systems. The mood, psychological condition or chronic stress influence health and susceptibility to disease, and thoughts, emotions and feelings evoke hormonal and nervous reactions. Thus, taking care about our own well-being and reaching for support in difficult moments in life are important to live in harmony with ourselves, increase comfort and satisfaction in private and professional life.

    My experience comes also from my various roles in private life: a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend. I experience happiness, joy, love, but also crises, challenges, and frustrations. I utilise available support methods, look for solutions, calm down, give myself time and find meaning of life again. I believe we can combine all those seemingly non-combinable areas: professional career, family life, time for ourselves and our loved ones, entertainment, personal development, gratitude and wonderment over small things.

    Education, key professional trainings and internships

    • SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, Clinical Psychology Faculty
    • Institute of Psychology of Health (Instytut Psychologii Zdrowia w Warszawie) in Warsaw: over a year-long internship at the Telephone Advice for Adults in Emotional Crisis (on-call duty, phone consultations, trainings)
    • Victi Centre, Addiction Therapy Centre (Ośrodek Victi Sp. zo.o. Niepubliczny Zakład Opieki Zdrowotnej, Ośrodek Leczenia Uzależnień) in Warsaw, voluntary work (conducting and co-conducting group sessions and individual consultations, participation in clinical meetings and supervisions)
    • INTRA Psychological Support and Education Centre (INTRA Ośrodek Pomocy i Edukacji Psychologicznej) in Warsaw: 4-year Psychotherapy Course (in training)
    • INTRA Psychological Support and Education Centre (INTRA Ośrodek Pomocy i Edukacji Psychologicznej) in Warsaw: co-trainer at assertiveness training

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