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    I am a Gestalt psychotherapist, currently in the certification process. I offer individual therapy sessions for adults and young adults (age 18+) in Polish and English. The Gestalt therapeutic style, under which I work, allows to comprehensively examine difficulties and challenges my clients experience, with special focus on emotions, body signals, relationships with others and past experiences.

    In the course of sessions, we build together with the client a safe relationship, based on empathy and trust. This allows us to focus on issues raised by the client, understand their emotions, actions and motivations, paving the path for further development. The belief of the Gestalt style creator, Fritz Perls, that psychotherapy allows us to become who we really are, resonates with me.

    I invite to a session people, who:

    • Want to better know themselves and expand their self-awareness
    • Struggle with complexes, low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence
    • Experience crises in personal or professional life
    • Experience anxiety
    • Are in mourning
    • Suffer from depression
    • Suffer from trauma
    • Experience eating disorders

    To be able to help my clients in best possible way, I work under supervision of certified supervisors, and develop my skills at regular psychological trainings and workshops, also in other therapeutic styles. I have also completed a training in crisis intervention. I have broad experience in working with artists, activists and LGBTQ+ persons.

    I have graduated from cultural studies and art history at the College of Inter-area Individual Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw (Kolegium MISH UW). Outside of work, I am a lover of books, games and SF films. I also take care of two adopted mixed-breed dogs.

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    Make an appointment    +48 730 110 477

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