Individual psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy, unlike psychological aid, is usually a longer and deeper work with the client, during which the client has an opportunity to look at their problems from different perspectives, see the way in which experiences from the past may influence what is currently happening in their lives, discover the way they function, what they feel or what stops them from making significant changes in their lives.

Psychoterapia indywidualna - Psychoterapeuci - Cynamonowa | Warszawa

Practically, every individual psychotherapy is different because we work on various issues and every client is a specific person. This results in using different methods of psychological work. The therapist, adjusting to the client’s needs, tailors the process of psychotherapy: reacts to the client’s needs, adjusts the pace of work, takes care of the way the client feels, proposes methods and techniques of work and controls the progress. Sometimes, psychotherapy consists of only a dozen of meetings with the psychologist, sometimes it takes several years of emotionally and intellectually intensive weekly sessions and involves accompanying the client in their progress, introducing key changes in life, taking up challenges or supporting them in coping with various losses.

The two persons, the client and the therapist, meet in the therapist’s office, develop a relationship, make arrangements and define goals together and work on what causes suffering in the client’s life. Individual psychotherapy usually lasts at least six months, but often takes longer. We meet with the client once a week, at a set hour. Sometimes, for example when a crisis situation happens, more intensive forms of work with the psychologist are available (two sessions in a week, two sessions following one another). Less frequent schedule is also available (eg. one session in two weeks or one in a month), usually at the end of the therapeutic process. Each session lasts 50 minutes. If you seek help, contact us. The team of psychotherapists working at the Psycholodzy Cynamonowa Centre successfully combines caring about highest standards and the effectiveness of the process of psychotherapy, caring about safety and benefit of the client and their loved ones and commitment to maintaining ethics of the work of a psychologist and psychotherapist

Psychoterapia indywidualna - Psychoterapeuci - Cynamonowa | Warszawa

Our specialists

Specialists who provide individual psychotherapy for adults at our centre:

ewa kaczorkiewicz psycholog

Ewa Kaczorkiewicz

I am a psychologist and psychotherapist.

I work with adults and with couples. I work also in English.

535 987 807

barbara slawik dyplomowany trener

Barbara Sławik

I am a psychotherapist and certified trainer.

I provide individual therapy, couple and family therapy, also in English.

733 641 321

Maria Dobraczyńska

I am a psychologist, animator and psychotherapist.

I provide individual and group therapy. I work with adults, adolescents and children.

791 925 621

anna kabulska psychoterapeutka

Anna Kabulska

I am a certified psychotherapist.

I provide individual psychotherapy for adults, also in English.

660 014 585

marta chydzinska psychoterapeutka

Marta Chydzińska

I am a psychologist, psychotherapist and development trainer.

I provide therapy for adults and adolescents within the Gestalt approach. I also conduct development workshops.

507 506 766

Natalia Lachowicz-Wilk

I am a psychologist, a psychotherapist and a sex therapist.

I provide psychotherapy for adults, and sex therapy consultations. I also provide support for parents.

693 833 395

Natalia Kepinski

I am a psychotherapist and a clinical psychologist.

I provide individual psychotherapy for adults and adolescents in Polish, English or Norwegian.

792 369 793

Marta Królak

I am a Gestalt psychotherapist.

I offer individual psychotherapy sessions in Polish and English.

664 227 704

Yana Gololob

I am a psychologist and a psychotherapist.

I provide online adolescence, adults, couples and group therapy as well as parental counselling. I work in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

+380 67 566 0762

Anna Kobierska

I am a psychologist.

I support adults in life and psychological crises (stress, burnout, anxiety, depression). I work also in English. I work with women in the perinatal period.

789 334 814

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