Our breath can tell a lot about ourselves, and with adequate knowledge, methods and experience it may become a powerful tool to manage our psychophysical condition or even to enable deep work on ourselves. Working with the breath is in a way an alternative for classical forms of psychological and psychotherapeutic work. It offers a possibility to work with the body and the soul utilising a wide range of development-related methods. Depending on the needs and preferences of the client, a professional breathwork practitioner may offer different methods of work, drive the entire process or just guide the work of the client, in case the client wishes to develop and learn on their own, or have already some experience in work on themselves. Breathwork offers many tools and practices that can be learned and used by the client in their life. They can be practised under a guidance of a professional practitioner, just like yoga or meditation.

Breathwork can be practised as:

breathwork practices: as a method of taking care of oneself on a daily basis, helpful in relationships, business issues or professional work
therapeutic: for working on a specific issue or when a longer process of change is needed
relaxing and regulating
skill development: breathwork offers methods useful in all areas of life
support of personal development

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Breathwork: available services


Individual session is a meeting lasting 1.5-2 hours. During the meeting we focus on topics, issues, challenges and intentions important to you. Such sessions allow for deep and comprehensive work on a specific pattern in your life. You may treat these sessions also a method of personal development, or a time devoted to yourself when you can shed the burden of the whole week, integrate experiences gathered and build energy to enter the approaching week, or simply relax. You can utilise individual sessions in various forms::

  • A single session when an urgent need arises. Single sessions work best when you already have some breathwork practice or other personal development experience.
  • A series of several or more sessions devoted to a specific topic or area in your life.
  • Breathing process: regular meetings held for at least 6 months. During this time you will examine your standard behavioural patterns and important issues in your life. You will also build a deep level change.

The sessions are held once a week or every two weeks, not less frequently than once in three weeks.


Breathing practice is a short form of working with breath. It consists of a short conversation and a chosen practice. It may be used as support in a difficult situation, initial exploration of a specific issue, help in making an important decision, practising specific life skills, or a deep work with breathing. You can also learn specific breathwork practices to use in your everyday life. This may be a good start if you do not know yet what you may need. Breathing practice meetings usually take a light, often very enjoyable form.


Breathing intelligence practice are purely training sessions teaching 7 basic breathing practices and 7 mental exercises for better daily functioning and enhancing wellbeing. The practice lasts approximately a month and consists of 8-10 sessions lasting 30-45 minutes, held every few days. The time between the sessions is devoted to your own work using a “Breathwork Diary” – a workbook in which all practices are explained.

Our specialists

A professional breathwork practitioner provides breathing advice, both in a form of personal meetings in our office located in Warsaw Ursynów district and online:


Agata Mamczur

I am a therapist and breathwork coach.

I provide support in various difficulties in life and in personal development.

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