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I am a psychologist and a business practitioner




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    Psychological consultation (50 min)


    Individual therapy (50 min)


    Couples therapy (75 min)


    Psychology&Business consultations (50 min)

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    I am a psychologist and a certified Scrum Master with 10 years of practice. I provide individual therapy for adults who are struggling, going through a crisis or want a change in their lives. I also work with teenagers from the age of 16. During meetings we build a warm and safe relationship that allows us to talk openly about difficult issues. I listen to and support patients to pursue goals that are important to them. The highest value for me is the person, their individuality and their health. I work also in English.

     I help adult patients who:

    • Experience anxiety, deep sadness, loneliness,
    • Are distressed by what is happening in their relationships with other people,
    • Apart from external success, grapple with psychological issues (anxiety, neurosis, low self-esteem, guilt, doubts about decisions they made, panic attacks),
    • Feel not accepted by family, work environment, friends,
    • Are confronted with the hardships of cultural diversity,
    • Face difficult life dilemmas and need support,
    • Experience difficulties in managing stress related to responsibility for other people: employees, business partners or clients,
    • Operate under constant stress related to financial risk and potential consequences of decisions they make,
    • Strive to adapt to change, but find the volume and pace of the change overwhelming,
    • Suffer from too much professional pressure,
    • Are in a difficult life or professional situation,
    • Their professional issues are reflected in interpersonal issues: personal relationship, family, work or other areas.

    I have developed my psychological skills during 5-year MA course at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. I have gained professional experience at, among others, the Clinical Department of Psychiatry of Adults, Children and Adolescents of the University Hospital in Kraków, Jan Brzechwa Little Children’s Home in Kraków and by working with the Itaka Foundation. I run development groups and workshops. I am a co-founder of Slow Business Academy. I publish articles in psychological magazines: Psychologia w praktyce, Charaktery. In my therapeutic work, I follow the rules of the Psychologist Code of Ethics of the Polish Psychological Association. I work under a regular supervision. I constantly develop myself by attending various courses on sexuality, couples therapy and breathwork.

    My long term business managerial experience ensures particularly effective work with people whose problems are rooted in their professional career. I understand very well the obstacles and dilemmas my patients experience. I enriched my psychological education with an economic one in the field of management, because what matters to me is an integrative view of the world and the human being – I am a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics.

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    Make an appointment    +48 730 110 477

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