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    I am a psychologist, currently in psychotherapeutic training within the analytic approach. I put a human being in the very heart of my work. I support my patients in:

    • life difficulties (issues related to pregnancy and perinatal period, infertility, mourning, loss, divorce, couple parting, professional burnout)
    • psychological crises (depression, anxiety, stress)
    • seeking solutions
    • path to health recovery

    I listen and create space for my patients to talk. I accompany them in discovering what helps them find the right balance. I believe that everybody possesses strength to regain inner peace.

    I shape my work to meet the patients’ needs and readiness. I work within an approach focused on solutions and use the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) method.

    In my psychotherapeutic work I accompany my patients in discovering their answer to the ‘why’ question: their unconscious emotions, relationship patterns, and their view of the world. I believe that understanding the reasons is the path to regain agency and to change.

    I have graduated with the Master’s degree from the Psychology faculty at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities with specialisation in clinical therapy and health, and from Political sciences faculty at the University of Warsaw.

    I constantly develop my skills and attend various trainings and courses. I have completed a full training in Solution-focused Therapy, Trainers’ school of Empathy-Based Communication, a mediation course based on NVC and basic training in mediation at the Polish Mediation Association. I am also in 4-year training in psychoanalytically-oriented group and individual psychotherapy, accredited by the Polish Psychological Association and the Polish Psychiatric Association at the Group Analysis Institute ‘Rasztów’.

    I have gained my professional experience at the Rehabilitation and relapse prevention (F 10) and the Affective Diseases (F 7) wards in the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, at a gynaecology and obstetrics ward in a specialist hospital, and in the Synapsis Group centre. Currently, I work at the specialist hospital of the Żelazna Medical Centre, where I support patients as a psychologist and a crisis counsellor.

    I work following all ethical rules, and I put my work under supervision on a regular basis.

    I offer sessions in Polish and English.

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