Price list of our specialists’ sevices

services provided in english

The prices of our services vary depending on the specialists who provide them – their education, experience, additional specializations, courses and certifications. You will find detailed information about the prices of services with each individual on our website in the pages about each psychologist/psychotherapist/psychiatrist, by calling +48 730 110 477 or emailing psychoterapia.cynamonowa@gmail.com. Feel free to contact us.


Consultations in English (50 min)

220-290 zł

Individual psychotherapy in English (50 min)

220-290 zł

Psychological and business consultation / business development / mental health in business in English

 from 420 zł

Sex therapy in English (50 min)

265-275 zł

Couple therapy in English (75 min)

400-480 zł

Sex therapy for a couple in English (75 min)

435 zł

Nutrition psychology in English

psycho-nutrition consultation (50 min)

220 zł

Breathwork in English with Agata Mamczur

consultation session – work with breath, emotions, body, meditation

individual session (90-120 min)

breathing practice (45 min)

220 zł

350 zł

220 zł

Psychiatric consultations in English – Monika Dominiak, MD, PhD

consultation with a certified psychiatrist – in-person or online (60 min)

400 zł

Psychiatric consultations in English – Piotr Maleszka, MD

first consultation – in-person or online (40 min)

next consultation – in-person or online (20 min)

280 zł

230 zł

The price list is valid from May 2, 2023.

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