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    Individual psychotherapy (50 min)


    Couples therapy (50 min)


    I am a psychologist and a certified psychotherapist. I work with adults. I provide psychological consultations, individual psychotherapy and couple therapy, also in English. I am especially focused on humanistic, experiential and existential psychotherapy, which means that I often talk to my clients about the way they experience their life. I talk about relationships important for them, how they build them and function within them, about their emotions and how difficult they often can be and about meanings that the clients give to what is happening or was happening in the past. In the course of the therapeutic work, I encourage my clients to pay attention to their body and sensations coming from it and to the words they use towards themselves and towards others. After months of work, my clients sometimes are surprised how simple are the questions I ask them and how they can change their lives thanks to those questions. While working with couples, I focus on ensuring that each of the partners may tell “his or her story”: name what they experience, feel, understand. I also ensure that the other person can listen to it. My goal is to prevent accusations and replace them with better mutual understanding, building empathy and support in a relationship, recreating the intimacy and trust that have been lost. I put my work under supervision on a regular basis. I earned my professional experience running my own psychotherapeutic office for the last several years. Prior to that, I worked at the Mental Health and Family Problems Centre Synapsis, at the Emergency Hotline for Adults in Emotional Crisis 116123 and at the Emergency Hotline for Behaviourally Addicted. I completed 4-year post-gradual psychotherapy training at the Psychotherapy and Psychological Education Centre Intra. Many years before that, I graduated from the Psychology Faculty at the University of Warsaw. I have also completed internships at the Nationwide Emergency Service for Victims of Domestic Violence “Blue Line” and at Prof. Jan Mazurkiewicz Specialist Health Centre in Pruszków.

    I am a member of:

    • Polish Psychological Association
    • PFP – Polish Federation for Psychotherapy
    • INTRA Association – Polish Society of Integrative Experiential Psychotherapy
    • WAPCEPC – World Association for Person Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counseling.

    Since 2020 I have been a board member of WAPCEPC and of PCE Europe (European Network for Person Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling).

    I complete additional trainings and participate in conferences on psychotherapeutic issues on a regular basis. I am married, with two almost adult children – a son and a daughter. In my free time I enjoy observing birds (both in and out the city), watching TV series and reading books.

    My website: kaczorkiewicz.pl

    Make an appointment    +48 730 110 477

    Make an appointment    +48 730 110 477

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    Make an appointment    +48 730 110 477

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