Couple and family therapy

Couple therapy, also called marital therapy, is a psychotherapeutic work on the relationship between two persons: problem solving, settling conflicts and crises, lowering tension and reducing intensity of emotions difficult for both partners, enhancing communication, supporting the partners in understanding each other, listening to each other and fulfilling needs, and managing painful experiences (eg. betrayal or death in a family). A psychotherapist working with the couple is not an ally to any of the partners, but works for the benefit of their relationship, to make it healthy and long lasting. The therapist aims for ensuring that each partner had time and space during the session, could speak and was listened to, so that he or she felt important, seen and appreciated. An important task of the therapist is ensuring safety of what is happening during the sessions: setting the rules, setting the boundaries, stopping a partner speaking if necessary, active preventing conflicts and emotional fights when they arise. As a result of gradually growing sense of safety, the partners may open emotionally, discuss their problems and difficulties more calmly, seek new solutions rather than keep criticising each other. They learn to talk and listen to each other, to better manage intensive emotions, express and fulfil their needs without hurting or being hurt.

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Couple therapy sessions may be held once a week  or once in two weeks (75 minutes), depending on the needs and capabilities of the clients. The therapy process usually consists of 10 to 20 sessions.

If you feel that you and your partner need this type of work with a psychologist experienced in working with couples, contact us.

Family therapy is a psychological work covering all family. A psychotherapist plays a role of a “healer” of the system, his or her task is to help family members to better manage natural development challenges that they face as well as traumatic events that might affect the entire family or its members.

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Our specialists – couples therapy

At our psychological centre couples therapy is provided by the following psychologists and couples psychotherapists:

Marzena Bielicka-Stąsiek

I am a psychologist and a psychotherapist.

I support adults and adolescents in coping with crises and difficulties in life. I also provide psychology and business consultations.

Natalia Lachowicz-Wilk

I am a psychologist, a psychotherapist and a sex therapist.

I provide individual psychotherapy for adults, couples therapy and sex therapy consultations.

Małgorzata Pogorzelska

I am a psychologist, clinical sex therapist and a psychotherapist.

I work with adults and with couples. I work also in English.

Ewa Kaczorkiewicz

I am a psychologist and a certified psychotherapist.

I work with adults and with couples. I work also in English.

Joanna Marszalska

I am a psychologist and a business practitioner.

I support clients in dealing with stress, risk and change. I work with adults, adolescents and couples.

Sessions for couples – additional specialists

Sessions for couples – meditation, breathwork, emotions (therapist and professional breatwork practitioner):

Agata Mamczur

I am a therapist and breathwork coach.

I provide support in various difficulties in life and in personal development.

Work on relationships, communication development, assertiveness and partnership (coach and trainer):

Krzysztof Więcek

I am a social skills trainer, coach and therapist.

I work with individual clients, with couples and with groups.

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Sessions for couples – meditation, breathwork, emotions

This form of work is an alternative to classic couples psychotherapy – it focuses on the development of awareness using breathwork as well as meditative work on ways of thinking, feeling and functioning.

It will be of interest to people who want to consciously look at how I function IN a couple and how WE function AS a couple. It will help both of them understand themselves, their needs and mechanisms, as well as notice and work through the topic of how it happens that we cannot get along as a couple, that we are blocked or stuck.

As a result, we expect relief in emotions, greater clarity, understanding what is happening and why, as well as new ideas and methods on how to cope and be together. We accept that no couple is perfect and each has their own challenges and areas to work on at different stages of their life journey together. The goal is also (and perhaps above all) a greater sense of closeness.

Sometimes emotions in a relationship are so intense that you feel like saying:

“Your attitude screams at me so loud I can’t hear what you’re saying!”

This is definitely a good time to consciously process and embrace these emotions in safe setting. Meditation, breathwork, and facilitated conversation help with this. At our meetings we will find out which of the mental content we can deal with in meditations ‘alone with ourselves’, and in which area you need to hear and support each other. Emotions are important too as inseparable from our ways of thinking, our views, and patterns of action and reaction.

Sometimes the cause of problems in the relationship may also be the fact that the partners are not aware of their needs (or unconsciously and unsuccessfully manage them in their lives). It helps to define a personal vision of what I actually want to do and what I need a relationship for. Once everyone has their own list, we can see what and how we can create together, but also how and where to meet our other needs. Sometimes, despite its simplicity, it can be surprisingly revealing.

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