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I am a doctor, specialist in psychiatry

Monika Dominiak




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    Psychiatric consultation (60 min)


    I am a medical doctor – a psychiatrist. In 2019 I defended my PhD thesis at the Psychiatry and Neurology Institute in Warsaw. I work with adults suffering from:

    • depression situational response related to difficult experiences (eg. marital crisis, divorce, work related stress, job loss, serious illness or death of a close person)
    • anxiety
    • depression
    • bipolar affective disorder
    • anxiety disorders
    • memory disorders and mental disorders of elderly patients
    • sleep disorders
    • psychotic disorders
    • addictions
    • nutrition disorders
    • personality disorders
    • obsessive-compulsive disorders

    I am authorised to prescribe medicines (including reimbursed drugs) and to issue medical certifications and medical leave (ZUS ZLA). I consider professional development to be of great importance. I have actively participated in preparing and implementing preventive programs related to mental health. I have co-authored recommended procedures for working with patients suffering from depression (2016-2020 Depression Prevention Programme). I am a member of the committee evaluating the 2016-2020 Depression Prevention Programme. In 2017, I coordinated the Early Detection Programme for Mental Disorders (e-learning platform) for General Practitioners, financed by the National Health Programme of Polish Ministry of Health. I continuously develop my knowledge by participating in courses and trainings, both domestic and foreign, in the field of general psychiatry, child psychiatry, psychogeriatrics and drug therapy. I have also authored scientific works in the field of psychiatry published in international periodicals:

    • “Psychiatric hospitalizations for affective disorders in Warsaw, Poland: Effect of season and intensity of sunlight”. Psychiatry Research –294
    • “A sham-controlled randomized trial of adjunctive light therapy for non-seasonal depression”. Journal of Affective Disorders 2016 May 26;203:1-8
    • “Impact of STN-DBS on mood, drive,anhedonia and risk of psychiatric side-effects in the population of PD patients”.Journal of the Neurological Sciences 2017 Jan

    I have graduated with distinction from the medicine faculty at the Medical University in Warsaw and completed specialisation in adult psychiatry. I have gained professional experience at the 2nd Clinic of the Psychiatry and Neurology Institute in Warsaw, at the Psychiatric and Psychosomatic Ward at the Wolski Hospital in Warsaw and at the Psychosomatic Rehabilitation Ward, Tabita Centre, Luxmed Group. Currently, I work at the Pharmacology Department of the Psychology and Neurology Institute in Warsaw. I have also diagnosed and treated patients in various counselling centres since 2007. I am a psychiatric consultant at the Residential Home for Senior Medical Doctors. I have also graduated from MBA studies for medical staff at Koźmiński University.

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